Undead Stones

This game has two requirements:

1.) You need to have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE6 or JRE7) installed: java.com

2.) Read the ReadMe.txt. The games doe not explain too much without it.

Feedback is appreciated :)
(Bugs/Crashes/Gameplay just put your thoughts in the comments)

cross-platform (.jar)|windows|linux|Source

The highest confirmed score of UndeadStones currently is : 7360

Bonus: A Review of this game by @MuirDH

One thought on “Undead Stones

  1. sherbet

    I got to 1630 points before thousands of skeletons ate my soul 😀

    I like the simplicity of the game, it reminds me of a game i once put together using RPG-Maker 2000.
    Good old times.

    Nice work!


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