Well hello there, my name is Phil.

Hi Phil, please tell me more about yourself.

Currently I am an IT student. This is a topic I am very interested in, so I’m glad I can learn more about it. In my free time I like to create small games. Of course that’s only one particular aspect of my life, but I will concentrate this site on it, because this is what it was created for.

Ok, but tell me: Why make games?

This is my way of expressing myself. I always had an urge to create stuff. I play various instruments and I recorded a lot of songs in my youth. Sometimes I write shortstories. On other occasions I draw comics. I just can’t find inner peace without creating something.

Sooo… Why make games?

I grew up playing and loving games. Ever since I got a N64 I was pretty much hooked. I went through various iterations of Nintendo consoles, loving each and every one. This may be the cause why I like simple/retro/indie games that much.
Gaming is/was a social event for me. Playing games with friends is just an awesome way of spending time.

This hardly addresses my question at all! Come to the point!

I realized something while growing older. Games are some sort of “comprehensive” art form. They have graphics/art, they have music, they have sound, they have a story, the list goes on..
But they also have one thing most other forms of art and/or mediums lack: Interaction.
So I figured I could combine all of the forms of creation I have at least SOME experience in and create my own games, a medium that influenced my life quite a bit.

Struggling to create something and witness it come to life is one great feeling!

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